Blinders Are For Horses – Not Politics

October 18, 2012

Blinders may help keep a horse on track and under control, but they have no place in politics.

Blinders Are For Horses - Not Politics

Blinders Are For Horses – Not Politics

It is time for everyone to take off their political blinders. It is time to look around at the big picture. Too many people simply look down the path laid out by the party they have always followed. Others get so close to a single issue that they fail to see anything else.

People can develop a real and unusually high level of hate when it comes to politics. Bush is a target for liberal hate and now Obama is a target of conservative hate. Disagreeing with a persons politics is one thing, but the kind of hate we have seen the last decade is something else entirely.

That hate has led to political despair with some people. Take this article on Politics and Despair:

When this is the caliber of the people we are forced to choose between, no wonder everyone gets
upset. No wonder people get nasty. No wonder people choose to put on blinders and insist that one candidate is blameless and the other is evil incarnate. It’s a lot more attractive than the reality.

Don’t let this political climate get you down!

As a people, we need to get past this kind of hate. It is fine to disagree with someone’s politics. It is OK to work hard in order to show people why you believe in the things you believe in. It is good to let people know which candidate supports your views of where we should be headed and how they intend to get there.

It is hard, but you must look under the surface. Look past the sound bites. Look past the negative politics. Look beyond what a person says they stand for and examine what they have actually done. I was taught that you are the company you keep. Who do the candidates have around them, both now and in the past?

Blindly following a path laid out by a party or candidate or even a philosphy can only lead you to a bad place. The same applies when you focus on a single issue. No candidate will be able to do all that they promise. Placing too much hope in any of them will only lead to disappointment.

There is no room for hate and despair either. As a people, we will find a way to survive. We are strong enough and wise enough to find the right course. When we make a mistake in electing our leaders, we have the opportunity to correct it in the next election.

I have faith that we, the people, can take control of our government. No candidate will be able to follow the path they lay out, so support the one that you think will take things in the general direction you want to go.

Blinders are for horses. Take off your political blinders. Look around. See the big picture.

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